Instructions for authors

Oeconomicus (ISSN: 1849 – 9686) is an online scientific journal of economics and interdisciplinary sciences published by Znanstvena riječ (The
Scientific Word) from Zagreb, Croatia. The journal has an international editorial board and international reviewers.

Journal is receiving unpublished scientific papers. Papers should be submitted in A4 format, in Croatian or in English language.
The papers are submitted electronically to the following address:

Renowned domestic and international scientists and experts from individuals’ areas review papers. The editorial board adheres to the right to adapt papers to
the standards of journal and to Croatian and English grammar, all in line with EBSCO Publishing standards. Free use of published articles for educational and other non-commercial purposes is permitted, with appropriate citation of the source according to the CC-BY-NC 4.0 license.

To be published, the following criteria should be met:

• At the beginning of the paper, the title and the author’s first name (e.g.: First Name of the author, Surname), with the basic information of the author
in the footnote.
• The footnote on the same page contains the name and address of the institution where the author is employed, and his email address.

• The text of the paper shall be arranged in sections and when necessary into subsections. Sections are to be marked with one Arabic numeral and subsections
with two Arabic numerals, e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, … When a subsection is arranged in smaller parts, each of them is marked with three Arabic numerals, e.g.
1.1.1, 1.1.2, … Further divisions are not allowed.
• The paper should be written using Latin characters. Greek letters may be used for symbols. The volume of the paper is limited to 12 pages (A4 format). That
includes blanks and equivalent number of characters covered by Figures and Tables.

• Paper should be written in doc or docx format (MS Word 97 or later). • The text should be written in the Times New Roman font, size 12, without any delimitation.
• Margin 2.5 cm.
• Spacing: 1.
• Two-way alignment.
• The introduction and conclusion should not be numbered.
• Titles and subtitles are numbered with Arabic numerals and bold.
• There is no space between titles, subtitles, and text.
• No indentation the first row of words.
• All footnotes are without quotes and are written in the font Times New Roman, size 10
• Alphabetic list of keywords in English and in Croatian. Keywords normally originate from the title and from the abstract.
• Harvard style referencing should be used.

• Insert the tables and figures into the corresponding place in the article.
• Tables and figures should be in black and white.
• Specify the source below each table and figure.
• All figures and tables should look unified.
• Use Times New Roman fonts in appropriate tables and pictures.

• Cite the quoted parts of the text in the text.
• Put quotes in parentheses or quotations, which include author’s last name and year of issue. For example: (Johnson, 2000), and in case of page reference: (Johnson, 2000, 101).
• All the sources used should be listed in the References.
• If sources of the same author used with the same issue year, they should be distinguished in brackets (a, b, c, etc.), after the year of issue.
• If co-authoring is concerned, then the surnames are given with the initial letter of the name, in alphabetical order. For example:
For books:
Horvat, J., Johnson, M., (2001), book title, publisher.
For journals:
Novak I., Oeconomicus, 10 (1): 50-60. (10 indicates volume / year / journal, (1) number magazines within the year and 50-60 is the number of pages in the text used).

• List up to eight words in Croatian and English (The Editorial Board will arrange the translation of the abstract into Croatian for those authors who are not familiar with the Croatian language.)

• Abstract contains up to 150 words.
• Abstract should present a brief and factual account of content and conclusions of the paper, and an indication of the relevance of the new material presented
(The Editorial Board will arrange the translation of the abstract into Croatian for those authors who are not familiar with the Croatian language.)